Pattadakal capital of Papantha,the strain from South India , who built the temples in the seventh and eighth centuries . There are ten temples including Jain sanctuary surrounded by numerous small shrines and stone base . Four have been built in the Dravidian style temples , four in styleا of northern India and Temple Papanatha in mixed style.


Virupaksha Temple: This temple was built by Queen Lokamahadevi (Trilokyamahadevi) in 745 to commemorate her husband 's victory (Vikramaditya II) over the Pallavas of Kanchi . The temple looks like temple Kailashnatha in Kanchi which served as a model for this temple. Temple Virupakhsa the turn, serve as a source of inspiration for Kailashnatha ( Kailash Temple ) temple built by Rachtrakota ( 757-783 AD during the Krishna I) family in Alora .Virupaksha is the earliest dated temple with sukanasika, being followed by the temple Mallikarjuna.

Sangameshvara Temple: This is the oldest temple at Pattadakal , which built by King Virupaksha the Vijayaditya Satyashraya (696-733 AD ) , it has no sukanasika. The temple is in Dravidian style and it consists of a sanctum and internal traffic and a lounge. On the outer wall there Ugranarasimha and sculptures Nataraja. Each of the temple and Sangamesvara Virupaksha Temple are similar to each other in the fact box on the plan from the base to the sikhara.

Mallikarjuna Temple: This is a miniature version of the Virupaksha temple and built the second Queen Trilokyamahadevi Vikramadiyta at 745. This temple was built also by Rani Trilokyamahadevi , to celebrate the victory ( by Vikramaditya II) over the Pallavas.

Kasivisvesvara Temple: This temple last to be built in the early pattern Ugranarasimha . This temple was built by the Rashtrakutas in the 8th century . Kashi Vishwanatha temple in the style Kadasiddhesvara Jambulingeswara ' temples both attributed to the 7th century temple Kadasiddeshvara which has a sculpture of Shiva Trident or Trishul held in his hands and its twin temple and the whole Jambulinga Temple built on style and resemble Hucchimalli' Guddi in Aihole. The temple was built in later Galganatha the century in the style of architecture Rekha Prasada . The temple contains a sculpture of Shiva killed demon Andhakasura.

Jain temple : is located on the street Pattadakal - Badami , is built in the Dravidian style by Rashtrakutas Manyakheta. Has some very beautiful sculptures and possibly dating back to the 9th century and was built by King Amoghavarsha either I or his son Krishna II .The temple was built Papanatha a pattern vesara dated to 680 . The temple began in style but later changed its name to the Dravidian style more balanced. Sculptures here are talking about scenes from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata . This temple has many similarities with temples Navabrahma in Alampur, Andhra Pradesh , which was also built by the Chalukyas of Badami .

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