Aihole is a temple complex in the Bagalkot district of Karnataka , India . It is a very popular tourist spot in north Karnataka. Aihole is to the east of Pattadakal , along the river Malaprabha, while Badami is the West alike.Temple prominent groups in Aihole is a set Kontigudi and Galaganatha group of temples, although historians divided all the temples to 22 range . And referred to a group of three temples behalf Kontigudi Group of temples. One of these is the Khan lad Temple ( the oldest temple in Aihole boy is Khan temple dating back to the fifth century.


Boy Khan temple: This Temple consists of the Imam Ali shrine with two mantapas of him. Shrine holds Shiva lingam . And mukha Mantaba in front of sanctum has a set of 12 carved columns . And sabhamantapa front mukha Mantaba has pillars arranged in such a way as to form two concentric squares . There are also networks on the stone wall bearing floral motifs . The temple was built in the style of the Panchayat hall , suggesting that the experience very early in the construction of the temple The windows are filled with lattice pattern , which is a north Indian style . The temple was built in the late 7 or early 8th century.

Huchappayya ( Goody ) temple: It has a curvilinear tower (shikhara) Sanctum ( unlike Khan Temple boy ) . Interior of the Temple and the beautiful carvings .Huchimalli ( Goody ) temple in Aihole, which was built in the 7th century shows the evolution in the temple plan , as it appears ardhamantapa or waiting room attached to the main shrine.

Temples Galaganatha Group: is one of nearly thirty temples on the bank of the river Malaprabha. The main shrine of the temple Galaganatha devoted to Shiva - Galaganatha has a curvilinear shikhara , and has a picture of the Ganges and Yamuna River at the entrance to the shrine .

Durga Temple or Fortress Temple: is the best known of the temples and Aihole is very thin . It is apsidal in plan , similar to for chaitya Buddhism , which is molded adisthana high tower - shikhara curvilinear . Corridor columns revolves around the temple , enveloping the shrine , mukhamantapa and sabhamantapa. All through the temple , there are beautiful carvings . The temple appears to be of late 7 or early 8th century.

Meguti Jain temple: This temple stands on a hillock . It is only dated monument built in 634 . The temple sits on a raised platform , and one flight of steps leads to mukhamantapa. And columns mukhamantapa is a great one. Stairs leads to another shrine on the roof, directly above the main shrine . From the ceiling, and one can have a panoramic view of the plain with hundreds of temples or so. The temple , which may not be completed until gives important evidence of early development in the Dravidian style of architecture . Undated inscription found on the outer wall of the temple records to build the temple by Ravikeerthi, a researcher at the court Emperor Pulakeshi II .

Ravana Phadi cave: is one of the oldest rock-cut temples in Aihole, is located to the south - east of the temple Hucchimalli . This temple dates back to the 6th century , with rectangular tomb , with two mantapas. There are Shivalinga in the inner room or isolator retreat . This is a Shaivite cave temple with the largest sanctum of the Badami cave temples . The sanctum has a vestibule with a triple entrance , carved columns. And covers aspects of the temple walls with large numbers including Shiva dancing.The temple was built a presence on the similar lines as in Khan Temple Ladh but earlier. He had sixteen pillars and clear and is dedicated to Goddess Bhagavathi.

Suryanarayana temple: This temple has a 0.6 m high statue of Surya along with his peers Usha and Sandhya who draw horses . Back from the 7th century temple or 8, have the inner sanctum four pillars and a tower style ناجارا more than that. Museum of Arts and Sculpture Exhibition is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India in the Durga temple complex .

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